It’s time to end alcohol advertising in sport.

Alcohol advertising is everywhere. It’s on TV, in magazines, and at sporting events. And it’s having a harmful effect on our young people. Alcohol is a leading cause of preventable death in Australia. Every year, it kills more than 5,500 Australians and hospitalises around 155,000.

Most of these deaths are due to chronic disease , such as cancer and liver disease. But a significant number are due to accidents and violence. Young people are particularly at risk. Alcohol is a major contributor to injury and death among 15- 24 year olds. It’s also a major cause of poor health and social problems in this age group. Exposure to alcohol advertising increases the likelihood that young people will start drinking, and drink more if they already drink.

It’s time to put the health of our young people first. It’s time to end alcohol advertising in sports. Alcohol companies are deliberately preying on Aussie children through sport.

They’re so desperate to market to kids, they’ re taking advantage of an exemption that allows them to show their alcohol advertising
during children ’s viewing hours when sport is televised.

It’s time to remove alcohol sponsorship from our favourite sports.

Take Action today and join the team to End Alcohol Advertising in Sport.

Why Should it Stopped

Alcohol advertising in sport is a contentious issue. Some argue that it should stop because alcohol is harmful and its advertising encourages excessive consumption. Others argue that alcohol advertising is a necessary part of funding sport and that it does not encourage excessive consumption.

There is no doubt that alcohol is harmful. It is a leading cause of death and disease, and its advertising does encourage ” excessive consumption”. But alcohol advertising in sports is not the only or even the main factor that contributes to excessive consumption. Other factors , such as peer pressure and the availability of alcohol , are more important.

Alcohol advertising in sport should stop because it is harmful and its advertising encourages excessive consumption. But it is not the only or even the main factor that contributes to excessive consumption. Other factors, such as peer pressure and the availability of alcohol , are more important.

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